• High School Shows: Montour High School, "Once Upon A Mattress"



    Once Upon A Mattress

    Show Dates:

    April 20, 21, 26, 27 at 7:30 p.m. and April 22 at 2 p.m.

    Ticket Information:

    Student/Senior (65+): $8

    Adult: $10

    Tickets can be purchased beginning on April 3rd at the rear of the high school near the cafeteria Tuesday through Thursday from 6-8 p.m.

    For more ticket information: 412-225-2815


    Minstrel – Chris N.

    Winnifred – Alex M.

    Prince Dauntless – Dominic M.

    Lady Larken – Lia F.

    Sir Henry – Zachary Z.

    Queen Aggravain – Anna N.

    Wizard – Noah K.

    Jester – Hannah B.

    King Sextimus the Silent – Greyson F.


    Ladies In Waiting

    Mya G.

    Caroline D.                          Lady Lucille

    Hannah B.

    Allison V.                             Ballet Princess

    Chrissy C.

    Bella T.

    Abigail P.

    Sydney W.

    Sammi V.

    Victoria S.

    Maria F.

    Cassidy Z.                             Princess No. 12

    Nicole B.

    Sammi N.                             Lady Rowena

    Emma D.                              Lady Beatrice, Ballet Queen



    Jacqueline M.                      Master Wench

    Mackenzie P.

    Janelle R.

    Susan B.

    Emily S.

    Arina D.

    Livia B.

    Zoe E.



    Joshua N.

    Tristan T.

    Dior P.

    Jacob M.

    Sierra T.

    Sofia P.

    Victoria S.

    Nadeya O.

    Meara M.

    Mackenzie S.

    Paige D.

    Courtney S.


    Court Musicians and Court Servants

    Tony R.

    Tyler H.

    Taryn F.

    Onnalee T.

    Rachel W.

    Eliza Z.

    Isabella N.




    Max P.

    Mario C.

    Mac P.                                  Sir Studley

    Jacob B.

    Eugene A.

    Logan G.

    Parker G.

    Mario C.

    Zachary W.                          Sir Luce

    Mark K.

    Ryan M.                               Ballet Prince

    John H.


    Junior Wizards

    Eric J.

    Nino C.


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