Emaciated dog found in condemned home in Bridgeville

BRIDGEVILLE, Pa. — An emaciated dog found in an abandoned and condemned home in Bridgeville is being cared for at Animal Friends.

The dog, Cory, was so weak that he could not walk and had to be carried, according to a news release.

Shannon Tremblay of Animal Friends said Bridgeville police brought Cory and another dog to them several weeks ago.

“The dogs were found huddled together, extremely emaciated, as you can see,” Tremblay said. “Cory was a lot worse off.”

Veterinarians gave Cory two blood transfusions, and he is slowing putting on weight and regaining strength.

“Within the first couple weeks we had him, it wasn't looking good for him. We didn't think he was going topull through,” Tremblay said. “He’s slowly walking around, but he’s still visibly sick. You see his ribs and his paws are damaged.”

Tremblay said Cory is also getting his personality back.

“He’s coming right up to anyone he sees. His tail is almost wagging,” she said.

Tremblay said police are searching for the previous owner and investigating whether charges will be filed.

Once he’s well enough, Cory will be available for adoption.

Animal Friends is seeking donations to pay for the care of Cory and other animals.