• Female-only public urinals debut at Danish music festival


    ROSKILDE, Denmark - One of the downsides about an outdoor festival for women has been waiting in long lines to use the portable restrooms. A company in Denmark is hoping a new urinal will change that, and it's not for men.

    The hot pink Lapee Urinal has been rolled out at the Roskilde Music Festival. Architects Gina Perier and Alexander Egebjerg, who volunteered at the famous festival last year, came up with the idea after identifying a lack of portable toilets for women.


    According to Lapee, 90 percent of lines are made up of women needing to urinate only. The urinal is designed so that the user can see out while using it and her eyesight is at the same level as a standing man's.

    Perier said Lapee would not only cut lines, but was also a safer alternative as women using it would be able to see what is going around them at all times.

    "When you are a women and you are in a festival you always go to just all purpose, mixed-gender toilets and it sounds like the most luxurious thing in the world to think of a place where it's pee only. It's just so much more hygienic and so much more practical," said Perier. "The most important issues that the Lapee solves are efficiency, hygiene and safety."

    Perier and Egebjerg both said that so far the feedback had been very positive and added that the urinals will also be used at several festivals in Europe and even as far as Australia.

    "I think we got really great reactions and also from the events so far it's been well-received and also from our partner, the rental service, they have no problem handling Lapee, so right now we are getting pretty good feedback," said Perier.

    "It's important that Lapee is as easy to operate with as the male urinals, so women can start demanding it for their festivals. So in a way Lapee is, for instance these Lapees that we see here, as soon as Roskilde Festival is over they're going to another festival in Denmark," said Egebjerg.


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