• Ford City police to patrol for clowns this Halloween amid creepy sightings


    FORD CITY, Pa. - Creepy clown sightings in Pennsylvania and other states have prompted the Ford City Police Department to announce that it will be patrolling for people dressed as clowns this Halloween.

    The department on Monday said the following in a Facebook post that has since been deleted:

    “Due to the high volume of sightings all over the US, the Ford City Police will be proactively patrolling the streets and challenging anyone dressed up like a clown, including during Trick or Treating. Please apply common sense when dressing up this Halloween and respect residents concerns about their families safety. Just remember, dress up like a clown, plan on meeting the police.”

    In Pennsylvania, sightings of creepy clowns have been reported in areas including Beaver Falls, Ellwood City and Fayette and Cambria counties. Most recently, a woman called 911 Saturday night after she saw someone in Russellton dressed as a clown and approaching three little girls.


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