• 'Game of Thrones' bad guy Jack Gleeson says he's a former Steelers fan

    By: Rob Johnston


    PITTSBURGH - “Game of Thrones” actor Jack Gleeson spent some time in Pittsburgh this week, and I had a chance to meet up with the young star.

    Gleeson was in town to attend the Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre’s “Mystery & Mayhem” Gala, where he acted as host. More info here.

    Click here for photos from the event!

    Best known for his role as the evil King Joffrey on the HBO series, I quickly found out Gleeson is hardly the sinister character he portrays on television.

    “The first question people usually ask me is, ‘Do you get harassed on the streets? Do people come up and punch you?’ And, it’s never happened in my life. Everyone is so chill and appreciative of the show,” said Gleeson.

    The 21-year-old actor is from Dublin, Ireland, and this was his first visit to the Steel City.

    What did he think of Pittsburgh?

    “I love it. I absolutely love it! I used to be a Steelers fan a few years ago, so I already had a connection to the city,” said Gleeson.

    Used to be a Steelers fan? I had to ask -- what changed his mind?

    Gleeson laughed, “Lack of interest on my part. I supported them in the 2009-10 seasons because all of my friends were supporting American football teams, and I wanted to also. The Steelers took my fancy -- they are a great team!”

    I admit, as a “Game of Thrones” fan, it was hard for me to separate Gleeson from his villainous character at first, but as a result of our time together, it may be hard for me to view him on the show as anything but a cool, down-to-earth former Steeler fan.

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