Pastor paying it forward through program to help Black boys in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — In an effort to keep young Black boys on the right path away from violence and toward an education, a local pastor is paying it forward. When East Catholic School shutdown last year, he started the process to lease the building.

“Boys of color are always on the bottom of the negativity, so we want to change that,” said Dr. Darryl Canady.

Canady is working to be the change he wants to see in the community. As a Morehouse graduate and pastor of Rodman Missionary Baptist Church, he’s made it a point to mentor young Black men. He decided to take it a step further and create something bigger: a charter school for boys.

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“I’m the founder, along with my wife, of the Life Male Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math Academy,” Canady said. “We want to be models and examples to help these young men to see positive role models.”

Students at the school will be referred to as scholars, will be addressed with Mr. in front of their name and they will dress professionally with a blazer, shirt and tie.

“We want every young man to graduate and go to college,” Canady said.

He said his intention is to recruit Black boys, but the school will be open to all races. It will also be a part of the Woodland Hills School District.

Canady hopes to open registration in the next month.