• Harley-Davidson rolls out 'LiveWire' electric motorcycles

    By: WTMJ


    Lucky riders are getting their first chance to try out Harley-Davidson's new LiveWire electric motorcycle this week in Milwaukee.

    The LiveWire doesn't sound like a typical Harley.

    "I missed the sound a little bit. When you start it you don't hear anything," Johanna Muller said after taking a test drive.


    The LiveWire is a little sleeker too, but when asked about taking it for a spin, Muller, only had one word.

    "Wow, just wow," she said.

    Muller lives in Germany and has owned a Harley dealership for 26 years.

    She originally traveled to Milwaukee for a dealer show, but when she learned of a chance to ride the LiveWire, she couldn't pass that up.

    "It's way different. I think you can't compare it. It's LiveWire, it's a different thing, but it's great," she said.


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