• Sewickley woman wins Subway® Biggest Weight Loss Challenge


    PITTSBURGH - Congratulations to Darlene of Sewickley!   She's the winner of the Subway® Biggest Weight Loss Challenge.

    Darlene lost 49.8 pounds for a total of 18 percent of her body weight.

    Darlene wins $1,000 after her successful weight loss journey.

    Subway® and WPXI.com teamed up for the weight loss challenge, starting in January.


    Five finalists were chosen to embark on an eight week quest for success after hundreds of Pittsburghers submitted essays, telling us why they should be chosen to participate in the weight loss challenge with a personal trainer.



    • Darlene from Sewickley
    • Deb from Beaver Falls
    • Jim from North Hills
    • Michelle from Pittsburgh
    • Samantha from Finleyville

    Video: Darieth Chisolm there for final weigh-in and winner determined

    Photos: Final weigh-in determines winner

    Video: Darieth Chisolm introduces you to contestants

    Photos: Contestants weigh in and work out during Week 1



    Robert Southall, an expert in strength training and nutrition, is a 2007 graduate of West Liberty State College.  He was a member of the basketball team and worked as a personal trainer while completing his degree in Exercise Physiology.  Upon graduation, Robert became an assistant basketball coach, developing strength and conditioning programs.  He has trained professional as well as amateur athletes and currently trains clients in Robinson Township, Pa.

    "I am very excited to see the sweat of determination pour off their faces as we push to reach their goals," Robert said about the challenge.  "I am very excited to be a part of their journey.  Just remember, pain is perception."

    You can contact Robert at:  513southy@gmail.com


    Week One Weigh-In

    Darlene: 274.4

    Jim: 247

    Michelle: 289.2

    Debra: 233.2

    Samantha: 153.6


    Feb. 20 Update

    In just one week, Darlene lost 14 pounds, Jim lost 8 pounds,  Michelle lost 10 pounds, Debra lost 7 pounds and Samantha lost 5 pounds.

    Robert said Darlene is very determined.  She is result driven now after seeing her first week results.  She's fixing two different dinners every day -- one for her and one for her family.

    Jim is a hard worker, according to Robert.  He has been modifying excersises due to a knee problem.

    Michelle is also dealing with an injury.  While she has to back on the intense exercises, she has been focusing on her diet.

    Robert said Debra initially found his workouts tough, but she has great determination.  Robert is helping her modify the hard exercises. 

    Robert said Samantha is already small.  She's a hard worker and has been focusing on her diet.


    Week Two Weigh-Ins

    Darlene: 258.0

    Jim: 239.8

    Michelle: 279.0

    Debra: 226.2

    Samantha: 148.8


    Feb.  24 Update

    Rob said Darlene is still working extremely hard.  She was kind of disappointed with her weight loss this week because it wasn't the big number she had last week.  She had a tough workout to get her back on track.

    Jim weighed in a couple days early so he didn't have the full week of working out and eating clean, but he still showed a loss.  Jim is hard worker in the weight room.

    Rob said he's still waiting on clearance from Michelle's doctor, so she can really get going, but she has been working hard at the stuff she can do.

    Deb was also disappointed in her number this week.  She put in the time and effort.  She just needs to be patient and stay focused, Rob said.

    Samantha didn't have much of a loss, but weight comes off in inches, too.  A foot injury is holding her back from being as intense as Rob thinks she can be.


    Week Three Weigh-Ins

    Darlene:  254.8

    Jim: 238.6

    Michelle: 276.4

    Deb: 224.4

    Samantha: 148.0


    March 2 Update

    Rob said Darlene had another great week.   She has really been focusing and it shows in her workouts and in her weight loss.

    Jim has been working hard at home and is keeping his eye on the prize. Rob said he likes the fact that Jim asks a lot of questions.  It lets Rob know that he is ready to make a change.

    Michelle is still battling her abdomen injury.  She is pushing through and still losing weight by sticking to her eating plan. She has still come a long way, Rob said.

    Rob said Deb has been a hard worker.  She had a great week but gets down on herself. Rob tells her to stay focused and take it one day at a time. Rob said they have to work on her timing with eating before workouts.  She got a little light headed this week toward the end of her training session but had a very productive workout.

    Rob said Sam has come a long way.  She had a great workout this week and is very determined during her session with Rob.


    Week Four Weigh-Ins

    Darlene: 248

    Jim: 235

    Michelle: 272

    Debra: 222

    Samantha: 145


    March 9 Update

    Rob said Darlene is still going strong.  Her workouts are great, and the eating is great.  She's doing very well.

    Jim had a great week of working out and a great session with Rob.  He is intense, and it makes the workouts fun, Rob said.

    Michelle is still having health problems that are keeping her from really being able to give 100 percent, but if she continues to eat right, the weight will fall off, Rob said.

    Deb had a stressful week and went into her workout with Rob to relieve some of that stress.   It was a good one, Rob said.  She was very focused.

    Samantha had a terrific workout this week. Rob really pushed her, and she responded very well.   She is pretty self motivated, Rob said.


    Week Five Weigh-Ins

    Darlene: 240

    Jim: 230

    Michelle: 273.4

    Deb: 220

    Samantha: 144


    March 16 Update

    Darlene had a great week again.  Rob said the results are motivation, and she is doing very well.

    Debra will a little ill this week, Rob said.  They had to take it easy, so she could get well.  She still had a weight loss.

    Samantha had a great week. Rob said they had to modify some exercises because of her foot hurting, but on some movements, she pushed through the pain without a word.  She's really tough.

    Jim had a great workout.  He ran some hills, and he said he felt like he was back in high school.  He is a hard worker, Rob said.

    Michelle had a great session.  Rob said there were times she didn't like him, but she pushed through and stayed focus.  She's still trying to work on her eating plan, but she is getting it, Rob said.


    Week Six Weigh-Ins

    Darlene: 240

    Deb: 214.6

    Samantha: 141.6

    Jim: 230

    Michelle: 270


    March 23 Update

    Darlene is just doing what she normally does, working hard and making it a lifestyle, Rob said.

    Debra had a gain this week.   She has been battling an injury, so she and Rob haven't gone as hard as they have been in the past.

    Sam's goal was to lose 10lbs, and she has done that and more.  She is doing a great job.

    Jim had a recovery week so he just did cardio.  Jim is ready to get back to exercising with weights as soon as he is cleared.

    Michelle is getting the hang of the meals now and it shows with a loss this week. If she sticks with it, she will see great results. She works hard in the gym. Now, its just time to put it all together.


    Week 7 Weigh-Ins


    Darlene: 234.4

    Deb: 214.9

    Sam: 138.6

    Jim: 225.8

    Michelle: 268.2


    "Biggest Loser" Update:


    Subway's Jared will be on "The Biggest Loser" on Tuesday, March 27.  Click here for more about Jared's journey.


    Final Weigh-In

    Darlene: 224.6  (Lost 49.8 pounds for a total of 18 percent of her body weight)

    Jim: 224 (Lost 23 pounds for a total of 9.3 percent of his body weight)

    Michelle: 226 (Lost 23.2 pounds for a total of 8 percent of her body weight)

    Debra: 213 (Lost 20.2 pounds for a total of 8.6 percent of her body weight)

    Samantha: 137 (Lost 16.6 pounds for a total of 10.8 percent of her body weight)

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