• Hempfield Area HS warns of dangerous behavior connected to ‘Squirt Gun Assassin' game


    HEMPFIELD, Pa. - A game involving the use of water guns has the Hempfield Area School District concerned about the safety of its high school students.

    The game, “Squirt Gun Assassin,” is played for a monetary prize and is carried out by pairs seeking to squirt opposing pairs with water guns to remove them from play. However, in a letter to parents dated April 13, Hempfield Area High School’s principal addressed how the game has escalated to potentially dangerous levels.

    “I think Squirt Assassin is a good way for our school to come together. Some people take it too far and ruin it,” Gabriella Lonzo, a senior at Hempfield Area High School, said.

    Principal Kathy Charlton’s letter said, in part:

    “In the past week, there have been incidents of teens chasing each other in cars, teens chasing school buses, and teens stalking each other in public places such as the mall, restaurants, and at private homes. There have been several situations in which the police have had to become involved.”

    Charlton also noted that the game is not sanctioned by the district or the high school, and that students will face disciplinary action if they take part in the game on school grounds.

    “It's kind of fun, but people get way too serious about it and they never want to admit they’re out,” Cameron Repasky, a senior at Hempfield Area High School, said.

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