Homeless man rescues victims from fiery crash

VIDEO: Homeless man saves motorists from fiery crash

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A homeless man is being called a hero after he helped rescue people from a fiery multi-vehicle crash that shut down the interstate in Colorado Thursday.

Lakewood police said the crash happened when a semi-truck traveling eastbound at a high rate of speed collided with more than a dozen other vehicles.


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A local news reporter interviewed the good Samaritan, who said he was just doing what he hopes anybody would have done.

Darin Barton told KDVR, "I'm just a homeless person just trying to survive day to day."

Barton said he spent the night before the crash sleeping right by the interstate on ramp. In the morning, he got up and was displaying a sign asking for help from drivers as they went by. "All I hear is crash. I look over and there's an 18-wheeler plowing through cars and then all of a sudden it just rolled. The cab just physically rolled over and as soon as it rolled over it just all caught on fire. And I just dropped my sign, took off running. A lady sitting in traffic, offered to take the lady that we'd helped to the hospital. So I took my jacket off and let it in her seat, because she had white seats. So I laid the jacket down on the seats because the lady had blood all over and I'm looking around to see if there was anybody else I could help. As I was running down the hill people were running towards me."

Lakewood police say multiple people were killed in the crash, but they have not specified how many people.

The driver of the semi-truck survived.