• Retired man has sign to respond to panhandlers

    By: Natalie Dreier, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    OMAHA, Neb. - An Omaha, Nebraska, man has had enough with panhandlers in his city. Now he’s joining them as they ask for money. But he doesn’t want the cold, hard cash of others. Rather he’s holding a sign of his own that says, “Get a job. Get a job.”

    Charles Logan told KETV, “If you want money, go get a job and work for it.”

    He was inspired to start his protest when a panhandler hit close to home.

    Logan saw his son asking strangers for money.


    “That’s really what hurt me. Because I know that he didn’t have to do that. And a lot of people out here don’t have to do it,” Logan explained to KETV.

    But Logan’s crusade against looking for handouts isn’t sitting well with those who are asking for financial help.

    One man said that he’s a single father who is trying to come up with rent money and is facing eviction all while he waits for a disability check, KETV reported.

    Another, who claimed was a college graduate and a “decent person” is just asking for money as a temporary solution after dealing with a drug addiction and a recent release from jail.

    Logan said he’s been attacked while protesting panhandlers. One panhandler threw a drink at him. He said he’s been threatened with a knife and someone sprayed him with Mace, KETV reported.

    He also said that he has had support from drivers who honk and give praise as they drive by.




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