• Idaho man arrested after leaving bizarre Facebook posts about murder


    IDAHO FALLS, Idaho - Philip Schwab, 33, was arrested Monday for first degree murder. Police found the body of his girlfriend, Kaylynn Blue, buried in her backyard flower bed in Idaho Falls.

    Attention has been drawn to Schwab's Facebook page where he posted disturbing words during the time Blue was missing and murdered.


    According to court documents, Schwab stabbed Blue in the neck while she was sleeping early Sunday morning, and as she tried to run away, he continued to stab her until she was dead.

    Schwab's bizarre Facebook posts began around 7:00 on Friday morning and ended around 7:00 on Monday morning, just a few hours before police arrested him. The posts, which could be taken in the context of him killing Blue, said:

    "If stabbing people is wrong, I don't want to be right!"

    "Dead is better."

    "She deserved quicker."

    "I like drawing it out."

    "And I'm only using my hands."

    "Good thing I have a get-out of jail- free card."

    Since the release of Schwab's name, hundreds of Facebook commenters have been horrified at his posts and left many reactions.

    On Saturday evening around 5:30, Blue posted what would be her last Facebook post, writing: "Wow what a day, glad to be home now, and I'm staying home the rest of the night."

    Blue's Facebook friends commented asking why she hadn't been to work and if anyone had heard from her.

    Schwab was arraigned in court via video conference, where he stated he intended to plead no contest. However, since he didn't have an attorney, the judge postponed his case, so one could be appointed to him. He is currently being held without bond. 

    Schwab will have his next court appearance July 9.


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