• Illinois woman sues hospital for wrongful abortion


    PEORIA, Ill. - A 23-year-old Illinois woman is suing UnityPoint Health-Methodist in Peoria, claiming the hospital pressured her to have an abortion after making a medical error that endangered her unborn baby's health.

    Reneizha Morris said she went to the hospital for treatment in Nov. 2017 after having an issue with her medication. After she was admitted and underwent routine testing, she learned she was pregnant.

    However, Morris said a miscommunication within the hospital caused her to be injected with methotrexate, which causes severe birth defects when given to pregnant women.

    After the hospital became aware of the error, Morris said physicians spoke to her about the risks, but she still intended to carry the baby to term.


    "This is the kind of mistake that used to happen in the 1960s. The fact that this is happening in 2019 is unbelievable... We believe the administration knew, just as these doctors who researched the issue knew, that if the baby was carried to term and survived, the cost to the hospital would have been astronomical," Morris' attorney, Thomas Mulroy III, told WMAQ.

    Morris' attorney says a hospital administrator then called the Morris family multiple times, eventually offering her $2,000 for a consultation at a Chicago-area Planned Parenthood clinic. 

    Morris says she felt pressured to have the abortion and went through with the operation in Dec. 2017. "I have two other kids to live for, so I'm maintaining, but still. It's so hard to live with," said Morris.

    A UnityPoint Health-Methodist spokesperson says the hospital does not comment on pending litigation.


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