Indiana state representative posts controversial picture of noose in Facebook comment

Indiana rep posts picture of noose on Facebook

GREENWOOD, Ind. — An Indiana state representative is not apologizing for a post on social media that some are calling racist.

State Rep. Jim Lucas said posting the image of a noose was an easy call, despite the subject of the story being African American.


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Marquise Dozier has pleaded guilty to three rapes, including one where he threatened the woman with a brick. He's been identified by DNA and fingerprints.

"To me, we don't need people like that in society. You know, this is a violent act committed against women and in my mind that rises to capital punishment," Lucas told WISH.

Lucas acknowledged the evil and disturbing past of the noose and its connection to lynchings, but he said his picture would have the exact same meaning if he posted one of an electric chair or guillotine.

According to an image search, it's a photo taken several years ago of the gallows at the courthouse in Tombstone, Arizona.

Lucas said he's used the image countless times in the past.

"I keep it stocked. That's probably the easiest one that I find to use that gets the point across."

Lucas said he would use the picture regardless of race.

"Wouldn't matter. Rape is rape. That's a horrible offense."

And while he's not thrilled that others see it differently, he's not backing down and isn't going to stop using it in the future.

Lucas said he supports capital punishment for murder, rape and other violent crimes against people where there's clear evidence of guilt and due process.