• Inmates Say Greensburg Slaying Suspect 'Likes' Media Attention

    GREENSBURG, Pa.,None - More inmates took the stand on Thursday in the fourth day of Angela Marinucci's trial. Marinucci is one of six people accused in the torture and slaying of a mentally disabled woman in Greensburg.

    For the first time, one of the six people accused in the crime took the stand.

    Channel 11's Courtney Brennan reported that Amber Meidinger broke down during her testimony and revealed shocking details of what happened to Jennifer Daugherty, 30, in February of 2010.

    Meidinger said that she saw Melvin Knight rape Daugherty and that police stopped by the house during Daugherty's torture, but they hid her so police didn't know what was going on.

    Meidinger said, "Jen was nice and sweet and would do anything for anybody. She trusted all of them. They wanted to embarrass and humiliate Jennifer. They called her a retard."

    Other inmates also testified on Thursday about conversations they had with Marinucci while she awaited trial.

    Felisha Hardison, a patient at Torrence Mental Hospital, where Marinucci was being held, said Marinucci and Daugherty were friends and close at one time. However, Hardison said Daugherty stole two of Marinucci's boyfriends, which is why Marinucci held a grudge against the victim and wanted her dead.

    Inmate Joyce Mackey also testified, saying Marinucci told her that after Daugherty's killing, Marinucci said to her then-boyfriend, Ricky Smyrnes, "You must love me more than you love her, because you made her pay."

    Jailmates also testified that the now 18-year-old woman liked the news coverage she received for her alleged role in the torture-murder, and that she repeatedly made wisecracks about some of the more sordid details of the torture.

    One inmate at the Westmoreland County Prison with Marinucci says she claimed it was her idea to lure Daugherty to the Greensburg apartment where she was murdered, while another says Marinucci was happily jumping on her bunk saying, "Yay, I'm going to be on the news" when she learned of TV coverage of the murder.

    Police said Marinucci was upset that Smyrnes and Daugherty had a sexual relationship and that Marinucci was the mastermind in the killing.

    Hardison said Marinucci asked her "how to become crazy" as a possible defense strategy. She said she's seen Marinucci after court every day this week, saying Marinucci has shown no remorse and has said she's "excited to be on the news."

    Inmate Kasey Burd testified Wednesday that Marinucci believed Daugherty was pregnant when she was tortured and slain last year.

    Burd said Marinucci also told her she wanted Daugherty dead -- especially after Daugherty claimed to be pregnant by Smyrnes, 25.

    Marinucci is being tried separately on first-degree murder charges, because she was only 17 at the time of the incident. Smyrnes, Knight, Meidinger and two others are awaiting trial later this year.

    Prosecutors said the suspects force-fed human waste, bleach and prescription drugs to Daugherty, who was also beaten and kicked before she was fatally stabbed.

    Before her death, prosecutors said Daugherty was punched in the face, kicked and hit with a bar from a towel rack. At some point, her hands were tied with Christmas lights and her feet tied with tinsel garland, he said.

    Prosecutors said Daugherty was then forced to write a "suicide" note. Smyrnes then gave a knife to Knight, 21, and told him to kill Daugherty, saying, "I can't do it. You have to do it."

    Burd testified Marinucci talked about Daugherty's death "all the time."

    In her testimony, Burd said that Marinucci was the one who wanted Daugherty dead and that Marinucci was the one who made all the concoctions of detergent, chemicals and urine Daugherty was forced to drink.

    Burd also said that it seemed like Marinucci didn't care about what she had done and that she was the one who called a house meeting and decided that Daugherty's body should be dumped in a trash can.

    Prosecutors intend to pursue the death penalty against Smyrnes, Knight and Meidinger, 21. He doesn't intend to seek the death penalty against the two other defendants -- Peggy Miller, 28, and Robert Masters, 36.

    Prosecutors can't pursue the death penalty against Marinucci, because she was a juvenile at the time of the crime. Her age was the cornerstone of her attorney's opening statement.

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