• Attorney for man who organized Three Rivers Regatta speaks out


    PITTSBURGH - Target 11 sat down with the attorney of the man who organized the Three Rivers Regatta.

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    The city canceled the event over lack of payment, disappointing hundreds of thousands of people just days before it was supposed to kick off.

    Attorney Albert Veverka represents the Lionheart Event Group and owner Derek Weber, who was hired to run the event.

    "Derek is an experienced businessman. He's experienced in running these events. Certainly there was a breakdown, certainly there were issues, there's no doubting that the event had to be canceled, but I think we need to get a whole picture of what was responsible for that event being canceled,  before we heap all the blame on Derek Weber," Veverka said.

    Veverka said Weber has been involved in organizing events for years with a proven track record.

    The city of Pittsburgh said Weber owes $28,000 for police services and the Allegheny County sheriff's department has sued Lionheart, claiming they're owed $32,000 for events last year.

    Watch the video above to hear more from his attorney.



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