Customers hear from awning company owner after Target 11 investigates

Customers hear from awning company owner after Target 11 investigates

PITTSBURGH — Customers reached out to Target 11 after they repeatedly tried to get their awnings out of storage.

Channel 11 got several calls and emails from homeowners, all complaining that they couldn't get their awnings installed from Christman Awning Company in Lawrenceville.

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Marie Lotzmann, 97, of Point Breeze, has been waiting for her awnings for nearly a month.

She purchased them from the company more than a decade ago, and Every spring the company put them up, and in the fall, the comapny takes  and store it in their warehouse.


But this year, they never showed up and didn't return phone calls.

On Thursday morning, the day after our Target 11 investigation aired, Lotzman's daughter finally found the owner at the business.

“He could not apologize enough. Very sincere. The guys' struggling, He's got major back problems but he's going to do everything,” Kathleen Lotzmann said.

Lotzmann said the owner told her both he and his wife have been dealing with health issues.

“I like what he said, It was a breakdown in communication. He should have called people,” Lotzman said.

Some customers picked up their awnings Thursday morning. Lotzmann said the owner promised to put her mom's up next week.

“We're happy to know that he will come next week. It's later than we want, but, you know, we all have to kind of give and take with people. Life can be hard,” Lotzmann said.