Hangover cure on wheels: Company delivering treatments to Pittsburghers

Having a hangover could be a thing of the past for people who are willing to pay the money for a mobile hangover cure.

“Whether you had one beer and felt badly or you accidentally had eight, it’s for the everyday person who wakes and says, ‘I just don’t want to feel badly,’” Allison Weed, co-founder of Elite Recovery, said.

Elite Recovery is making its rounds throughout the city of Pittsburgh, delivering and administering IV treatments of all kinds to those who need it.

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The company is made up of registered nurses who are trained to bring fast IV hydration therapy straight to someone’s door.

Elite Recovery, owned by a physician and a nurse practitioner, offers a variety of IV treatments, but the one in high demand cures hangovers.

“Through our medical licenses, we're able to contact pharmacies to obtain medications and vitamins and fluids, and we use the same medical supply stores that hospitals do to get IV tubing and needles and syringes and everything that we need,” Weed said.

Booking an appointment is easy. People can book online or call in.

“You can book and then have an IV within an hour. All of our appointments have to be within 30 miles of downtown Pittsburgh. Right now, we have six nurses. We're growing,” Weed said.

The average serum costs about $150. Elite Recovery offers a variety of other serums that can be used to treat sickness or give someone an extra boost before running a marathon. There is even a beauty serum.