Inside a killer's secret hideout, an 11 News exclusive

For years, one of the FBI's most-wanted fugitives, Donald Eugene Webb, hid in a tiny room inside his wife's Massachusetts home. For the first time, we're getting a look inside the secret room that help him elude capture.

Webb was accused of killing Saxonburg Police Chief Greg Adams on Dec. 4, 1980, during a traffic stop. The two engaged in a violent fight that ended when Webb shot and killed Adams.

Saxonburg Police Chief Greg Adams and family

Webb, a man with known ties to the Mafia, was on the run for years.

Donald Eugene Webb

Nearly four decades after the deadly shooting, Webb's wife Lillian led investigators to his body, which was buried in the backyard of their Dartmouth, Massachusetts, home.

Inside that home was a secret room where Webb spent his final days.

  • Room was in the basement of the home.
  • Room was designed to appear like a regular wall.
  • Room could be locked from the inside.
  • Room was approximately the size of a shower stall.
  • Inside the room was a stool and a cane.

Webb died of a stroke in 1999. Only his family knew until last summer