Local family still looking for answers 7 years after woman’s murder

MCKEESPORT, Pa. — It has been seven years since two people were shot and killed while driving in McKeesport and no one has been charged with the crime.

The family of one of the victims continues their fight for justice. Every year on the day of the shooting, they meet at the scene of the crime to remember Jana Randolph and to pray for closure.

“We just want to lift up the shooter to you that whatever your justice may be; your justice will be served in him. He will have to answer to you,” said Tamra Mitchell, Randolph’s sister.

Family members gathered in prayer on a hillside in McKeesport like they’ve done every year for the past seven, to honor her memory.

“1,2,3. Justice for Jan. Always,” the group said, as they released seven purple balloons, her favorite color. Each balloon marked another painful year without an arrest.

“We want justice. Our mom, she was a loving person. She gave the clothes off her back to anybody, you know. She lost her life unfortunately that night and it was devastating for us,” said Camille Mockabee, Randolph’s daughter.

On the night of Aug. 22, 2013, Randolph, a mother and grandmother, was giving a friend a ride when police said a car began following them on Riverview Street. According to police, someone inside that car opened fire, killing Randolph and her passenger, Carlos Hudson.

Police received a report of shots fired in the area and discovered Randolph’s car over the hillside. Her father was called to the scene to identify her.

“You see one of your children, laying down there, no cause of their own, and that’s part of my body and life and everything,” said Albert Mockabee.

Still, no one has been arrested or charged with the crimes.

“It’s very frustrating because seven years later, I don’t want to say that the case may go cold, but how much more evidence do you need years later,” said Janesha Bailey, Randolph’s daughter.

Family members told Target 11 that Randolph didn’t have any enemies. She worked at a local nursing home and they suspect she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“We never would have thought that this would have happened not to her. She wasn’t in a street gang or anything. She didn’t hurt anybody, harm anybody. She was a very loving person, and she helped everybody,” said Bailey.

Family members told Target 11 they suspect police know who’s responsible, but just don’t have all the evidence needed to get a conviction.

“If they don’t have the evidence, and if you try somebody without the correct evidence, and then they’re found not guilty then you can’t try them again because of double jeopardy. So, we just hope they keep looking for the correct evidence and find whoever’s involved and resolve the case so we can move on with our lives,” said Tamra Mitchell, Randolph’s sister.

Target 11 reached out to Allegheny County Police, who are leading the investigation.

“The case is currently open and as additional information comes forward it is actively investigated,” Lt. Venerando Costa said in a written statement.

“Let us continue to lift up our family as we go through our trials and tribulations, as we continue to lift up and pray for my sister Jan,” prayed Tamara Mitchell, Randolph’s sister.

Family members said they will continue to return to this spot in McKeesport where Jana Randolph was killed to honor her memory as they wait for justice.

"It’s very frustrating to know that these people are still walking around here and not paying for what they did,' said her daughter, Camille Mockabee.