Mayor Peduto weighs in on reports city officers drinking on the job on election night

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto weighed in on reports of more than a dozen city police officers drinking on the job on election night. He told Target 11′s Rick Earle that what happened is troubling.

“I don’t care if you’re a police officer, you work in the finance department or you’re a city planner. There’s no drinking on the job,” Peduto said.

The incident happened back in November, when officers were working 12-hour shifts during election week because of the potential for protests. Election Day turned out to be very quiet, so some of the officers were sent home early. Instead, about 17 of them when to a bar on the Southside. There were also concerns about such a large group gathering during the pandemic.

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“The fact that they were on duty and inside a bar at the same time raises major flags about much more than an incident. It raises flags about conduct in general,” Peduto said.

He told Channel 11 the city is still working on disciplining the officers involved. Target 11 learned they are facing a variety of actions ranging from suspensions to transfers, but no one is expected to be fired.