Pa. senator unveils bill proposal to give thousands of dollars back to healthcare workers

Sen. Casey proposes bill to give back to frontline workers

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey unveiled his plan for a modern-day GI bill Wednesday.

Casey compared the healthcare workers today in the war against the coronavirus to soldiers who battled in World War II.

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He wants the U.S. to give them something tangible to show our appreciation.

Under the proposed legislation, called the Pandemic Responders Service Award Act, healthcare workers from nurses to janitors in hospitals could get up to a $10,000 a year for four years – based on the amount of time spent serving in at-risk settings.

The money would have to go toward specific purposes including:

  • Paying off student debt
  • Obtaining higher education
  • Saving for the future, like starting a business, buying a home, or putting money away for retirement
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