Sex offender removed from the hospital during the birth of his child

PITTSBURGH — UPDATE Dec. 3 - Magee Women's Hospital has issued an apology after it kept a registered sex offender from seeing the birth of his son.

UPMC sent the letter to Ken Moore's wife:

"We recognize that the birth of a child is an exciting time and regret any anxiety or frustration that this experience may have caused for you or your family.   We always want our families to have positive experiences throughout their stay with us and are sorry that this was not your experience."

The letter also outlined the policy for visitors such as Moore. It said security will explain the policy. The visit is then supervised by the security team and the visitor is responsible for contacting security to make arraignments.

Many of the stories we bring you on a daily basis here at WPXI are clear cut. They're right or wrong. But this one had us here in the newsroom debating and even questioning ourselves. It's one of those rare instances where you see both sides.

Ken Moore is a registered sex offender but never thought that would keep him from seeing the birth of his third child.

"I did what I did," said Ken Moore. "I understand that was wrong and it's something I have to live with. I was there for my other two and this one, I got to see pictures and that was about it."

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Moore pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography in 2017, served 49 days in jail and was released on probation. He must register as a sex offender for 25 years, and he's not allowed to have unsupervised visits with his children.

Moore admits he did something wrong by downloading images and movies, but he says he's now getting counseling and therapy and he says he's never harmed anyone.

Moore lives apart from his wife and children now, but in October he went to Mageee Women's Hospital with his wife for the birth of their third child. After he got his wife set up in her room, he went to tell security about his conviction. His counselor and probation officer told him he should alert security as a precaution.


"As soon as I told that guy his eyes got big and everybody started walking around and an officer came up beside me and he told me I'm sorry," said Moore. "I'm glad that you came up and came forth with that, but we're going to have to have you escorted out of the building."

"Did he give you a reason why?" asked reporter Rick Earle.

"I asked and he said, 'Because you're on Megan's Law. It's against our policy for you to be here,'" said Moore.

Moore said he was escorted off the property and wasn't even allowed to retrieve his belongings from his wife's room. He eventually got a ride home from Oakland and missed the birth of his son. UPMC told Target 11 that patient care and safety is their highest priority.

UPMC officials sent us this statement:

"We understand the sensitivity involved when the father of the baby is found to be on the registered sex offender list. Under those circumstances, it is within the discretion of the hospital administration and security whether to permit him to visit the baby and/or his partner/wife. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis."

Magee would not elaborate on the decision to remove Moore before the birth of his child.

Moore says security offered to escort him to the room the next day, but he declined fearing that he might be arrested. He finally got to see his son when his wife returned home.