WATCH: Target 11's Rick Earle goes through firefighter training

Target 11's Rick Earle goes through intense firefighter training

PITTSBURGH — It's National Fire Prevention Week - and that's a perfect time to talk about fire safety.

We all know that fighting a fire can be dangerous and that mere seconds can mean the difference between life and death when a structure is burning.

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But what is it really like to wear the gear, hold the hose and rescue a person?

Channel 11 Reporter Rick Earle gets an exclusive inside look at the training local firefighters are going through so they can keep our area safe.

Along with Congressman Conor Lamb, State Rep. Mike Turzal and about 30 other volunteers, they went through a variety of drills and scenarios -- from CPR training to how to treat a heroin overdose victim.

They also climbed a ladder truck four stories high and went into a smoke-filled building on their hands and knees, simulating the rescue of a trapped firefighter.

You can watch him go through the gruesome training in the full video ABOVE!