Judge cries as he sentences drunken driver

Green Bay, Wis. — An emotional day in a Green Bay court Wednesday, as a man was sentenced for killing two people while driving drunk.

From the bench, an emotional Judge William Atkinson addressed the courtroom: "I didn't know the family, I have no connection, but I have seen too many of these cases and I've seen too many suffer from dumb driving."

Atkinson was in tears as he sentenced David Meyer to 10 years in prison.


Authorities say Meyer was driving drunk when he hit and killed mother and daughter Rebecca and Raelia Pennenberg. The two were walking along a road in August of last year.

"I recognize the pain and I can only imagine, if my wife and my daughter did not come home one night," said Atkinson.

Meyer, apologizing in court, saying he thinks every day about the victims. "There is nothing I can say that will ease their pain. There are no words that I can say to give them any peace."

Authorities say Meyer's blood alcohol content was 0.22, nearly three times the legal limit.

He says he can't change what happened. If he could, he'd like to help keep other people from drinking and driving.

"I've been and will continue to give people the understanding of what it means to drink and drive. I will continue to tell everyone I meet that when you drink, the first thing you lose is your judgment," said Meyer.

The victims' family declined to comment on Meyer's sentence.

Meyer will also serve 10 years of extended supervision after he's released from prison. During that time, he cannot buy or drink alcohol.