• ‘Knocking and crying:' 6-year-old says she was left alone, outside of day care


    NATRONA HEIGHTS, Pa. - A mother said her 6-year-old daughter was left alone outside of a day care.

    Kristy Sagi said her daughter, Addison, attends Fawn Primary Center and was dropped off by a bus driver at her normal stop, Kids Kademy, on Friday.

    “At first I was thinking, ‘Why aren’t there any cars here?’” said Addison Sagi.

    The day care on Freeport Road in Natrona Heights closed early, and Kristy Sagi said she wasn’t notified.

    Addison Sagi was left in the cold and along a busy highway, Kristy Sagi said.

    “I started crying.  The door was locked.  I was knocking and nobody was answering because nobody was there.  Just standing, knocking and crying and wondering what happened,” said Addison Sagi.

    According to Kristy Sagi, a day care worker drove by 20 minutes after her daughter was dropped off, and the woman offered Addison Sagi her cellphone.   Sagi didn’t answer because she was at work, and the woman brought the girl to her mom’s workplace.

    The bus company and Kids Kademy could not be reached for comment Monday.  School officials said they have sent a reminder memo to both, saying that a daycare employee must always be “visible to the bus driver during student departures from the bus in the future.”

    “We’ve put in new backup plans -- more phone numbers.  You think you teach them the home phone number and everything is fine.  It is unless someone doesn’t answer.  We have to learn daddy and grandma’s phone numbers,” said Kristy Sagi.

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