• Las Vegas approves marijuana consumption lounges


    LAS VEGAS - Coming soon to Las Vegas: pot lounges. 

    The city of Las Vegas has given dispensaries the green light to open up marijuana consumption lounges and some business owners are eager to get the ball rolling. 


    Across the valley, you can't miss the dispensary signs. But for the past few years, what many couldn't find was a place to smoke pot legally.

    Acres Cannabis' Nick Sanchez is excited for that to change, "this has actually been in the works since we opened the dispensary. We were always hoping for a consumption lounge." Sanchez said his 4,000 square foot warehouse will soon look very different.

    "It's going to be built out just like a bar," Sanchez told KSNV. "Imagine smoking, consuming, and watching your favorite sports. It gives everyone a safe environment to smoke and consume their products." Sanchez hopes to be up and running within a few months.


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