Lawrenceville residents fear speeding drivers could lead to tragic accident

Lawrenceville residents fear speeding drivers could lead to tragic accident

PITTSBURGH — Residents of Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood voiced their concerns Monday about speeding drivers and the potential for a tragic accident.

People living on 57th Street told Channel 11 News that cars fly up and down their road, playing little attention to what’s around them.

"One of our kids are going to get hit. It's going to be devastating,” Lawrenceville resident Nancy Clark said.

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Clark said she saw a 2-year-old girl come within inches of getting hit by a car last summer. She said the incident made her realize how dangerous her street has become.

"My heart went into my throat. It was as if my great-granddaughters were out there with her,” Clark said.

Neighbors said vehicle damage is also now a common occurrence.

One woman showed Channel 11 News pictures of her fiancé’s parked car, which was nearly totaled early Sunday morning.

"The speed limit is 25. They do 45-50. It's been horrible,” Lawrenceville resident Patricia Coulehan said.

A spokesman for Pittsburgh Councilwoman Deb Gross said the road is being used as a shortcut and the city is working with residents to find a solution.

Pittsburgh police declined to comment Monday on whether 57th Street has become a problem spot.

Many residents, including Coulehan, said they want to see speed bumps, better signage for the speed limit and “Watch Children” signs on the street.

Coulehan said she believes the improvements are the only way to get drivers to slow down and keep everyone safe.

"We're all petrified of this street. You can't leave your mirror out. That's a given,” she said.

Community groups, such as Better Streets Lawrenceville, said the problem extends to several side streets in Lawrenceville. Group members are hopeful for long-term solutions, but Better Streets Lawrenceville’s executive director admits that any change won’t come easy.