Lawyer's pants burst into flames as he defends arsonist

MIAMI — A defense attorney in Miami who was representing an accused arsonist was presenting his closing arguments to the jury, when his pants burst into flames.

Attorney Stephen Gutierrez is said to have been fidgeting with something in his pocket as the trial was coming to a close.

UPDATE: Lawyer explains his courtroom accident

With smoke billowing from his pocket, Gutierrez ran out of the courtroom.  When he returned, still wearing his burned pants, he blamed the fire on a faulty e-cigarette battery.

Prosecutors are investigating the incident.  They are concerned that Gutierrez staged the fire as part of his case.

His client, Claudy Charles, was accused of intentionally setting his car on fire and was charged with arson.

Gutierrez's defense strategy rested on claims that the car spontaneously combusted.

Charles was found guilty.