Legionella still present in faucet at Allegheny Valley School

CORAOPOLIS, Pa. — Allegheny Valley School is still dealing with Legionella in one of its faucets.

There have been three students who have contracted Legionella during the past year, with the most recent in January. A spokesman for the school district said a third student was infected with Legionella in January, which in in addition to two people who were sickened in September.

The third case is puzzling, officials said, because the student was never in the building where the bacteria was discovered.

Legionella bacteria was initially found in September. The Allegheny County Health Department has been testing the affected faucet monthly, and so far, tests have continued to be positive. The most recent test was Wednesday.

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Channel 11 reported in September on two people at the school getting a Legionella infection. The school facility was tested, and one faucet tested positive.

A connection was never made between the students and the faucet.

A school spokesperson said that since the first positive test, the faucet has been restricted. The spokesperson said there is no health risk. Bottled water is being used.

Allegheny Valley School said it has been flushing the line and has changed the faucet.

The school has been working closely with the health department to fix the issue, but so far, nothing has worked.