2 people charged in separate violent encounters at Allegheny Valley Hospital

NATRONA HEIGHTS, Pa. — Lea Slusar, 28, and Timothy Ward, 35, are charged in connection to separate alleged violent encounters with employees, security guards, and police officers at Allegheny Valley Hospital in National Heights in late April and early May.

According to court documents, Slusar was first taken to the hospital by police for a mental health evaluation on April 23.

Police paperwork alleges she spit on the officer escorting her, before kicking and screaming at staff and trying to hit another officer.

Documents show she had to be restrained and sedated.

On April 29, she allegedly tried to punch a nurse and caused more than $1,000 in damage to her hospital room, per police paperwork.

On May 1, police say they were called to help staff move her to another room after she allegedly attacked employees again.

She’s accused of punching an officer in the face as part of that encounter.

Meanwhile, on the same day Slusar arrived, April 23, Ward is accused of refusing to follow directions from emergency room staff and police had to be called.

Then the next day, police paperwork shows officers had to intervene again when Ward allegedly yelled and swore at staff and security before becoming violent and trying to punch a nurse.

An officer was injured when Ward allegedly kicked him in the wrist and a security guard hurt his hip when police say Ward pushed the guard into a wall.

Ward is also accused of spitting on a security guard. He faces four felony counts of aggravated assault.

Slusar faces three.

Both are also facing a number of other related charges.

According to online court dockets, both Ward and Slusar were unable to post bail and are being held at the Allegheny County Jail.

They’re both due back in court on May 18.