Allegheny County preparing for latest snow storm

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — Call it the perfect Pittsburgh storm; the Steelers playoff game will begin just as a snowstorm rolls into the city, carrying over into the holiday when many will have off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

However, county officials said whether the Steelers win or lose, staying home is a good idea; and if drivers must go out, to use caution.

“We’re anticipating eight to 10 inches of snow in the area,” said Stephen Shanley, the director of Allegheny Public Works.

With more than 30 salt trucks ready to go, Shanley said his team is prepared.

“We will have 24-hour coverage on the roadway,” Shanley said.

Shanley said if a storm had to hit, having a full staff and a holiday weekend makes for an ideal time, unlike last week when snow began to fall during rush hour.

“This last time, the rain and our neighbors shoveled the street and made the snow go away,” said James Blair, who lives in the Brookline area, where many residents struggle with snow removal.

“Between Sunday and Monday’s holiday, we think it’s an advantage to us that our drivers can treat the roads without getting stuck in any traffic,” said Shanley.

For residents we spoke with, they too hope the additional time will help.

“We are taxpayers too. Run a plow and some salt, and we will be happy,” said Blair.

Officials ensured that roads will be treated ahead of the snow.

“Our salt totals will go over 8,000 tons of salt and over 3,000 gallons of liquid calcium,” Shanley said.

Even with preparation, officials are still warning drivers, especially those who live on hills and travel on back roads, to use caution.

“There could be drainage from the hillsides that can freeze up alongside the roadway, so watch out for frozen water,” said Shanley.