Giant Eagle ending plastic bag use at Waterworks Market District

Giant Eagle announces plan to discontinue plastic bags by 2025

If you’re a shopper at the Waterworks Market District you’ll want to make sure you have reusable bags handy for your next trip.

Starting Wednesday, that location will stop using all single-use plastic bags as it moves toward a greener future.

Giant Eagle announced plans to end all single-use plastic bag use by 2025, and the Waterworks location will be the first store to transition.

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“Each year, Americans use 14 billion plastic shopping bags. Ninety nine percent of those bags either go to the landfill or litter the environment are discarded after a single use, creating a serious problem throughout the country and around the world,” the company said.

Reusable plastic bags will be available for purchase at a cost of 99 cents, or paper bags can be bought for 10 cents each.

Giant Eagle to discontinue use of plastic bags