Wilkinsburg business catches fire for second time in just over a month

WILKINSBURG, Pa. — A business in Wilkinsburg caught fire Sunday morning, the second time in just over a month that flames danced through the structure.

Crews responded to the 900 block of Wood Street for reports of a fire around 5 a.m. No one was hurt in the blaze.

On May 3, Wilkinsburg police were called to the same location after a call that two men broke into the building and tried to set it on fire.

When officers got there, they were met with a heavy smell of gasoline and smoke.

After investigating, police say it appears the suspects damaged and ransacked the offices inside before spreading gasoline and setting a small fire in the back stairwell.

The owner of the business, Jerry Gaudi Jr., believed that fire was a personal attack after he found broken glass and the name Jerry written in red spray paint several times.

Gaudi and his nonprofit are the conservators of the building. He and other business owners in the area were surprised.

Gaudi says this crime won’t stop them from bringing more business to Wilkinsburg.