• Animal Friends puts dangerous dog down, some don't agree with decision


    PITTSBURGH - Channel 11 saw several social media posts on Thursday about a dangerous pit bull put down by Animal Friends. 

    Reporter Pamela Osborne went to the shelter that prides itself on being a safe haven for animals that haven’t yet found their forever homes to get information about the dog named Blue.

    After a cruelty case, Blue was brought to the shelter.  The dog lived and trained at the facility for a year and was ready for adoption up until a couple weeks ago.

    “He came across another dog that was on a leash and unprovoked, he attacked the dog,” said Kathleen Beaver, the chief operating officer for Animal Friends.

    The recent attack came a couple months after Blue went after another dog at the shelter, killing it.

    “After Blue fatally attacked one dog and almost killed another, it has become clear to us that Blue has scars beyond what even we or we believe anyone else can heal,” Animal Friends posted on its Facebook page.

    The staff that had put in countless hours with the pit bull had a difficult decision to make.

    The staff chose to put the dog down, saying it was a safe and responsible decision. Not everyone agrees.

    “I don’t think it was justified because I’ve had dogs come in here that have attacked other dogs, and now they’re playing with other dogs,” said dog trainer Paul Anthony.

    Anthony, who is also an animal control officer, said he offered to take Blue.

    “They have one tool.  You don’t use a screwdriver on a nail.  You use a hammer.  They gave the dog two shots with positive training.  We give the dogs nine to 10 shots.  Our toolbox is full," he said.

    It was a risk Animal Friends felt it couldn’t take.

    “This is not a dog that can be safely place in any community or neighborhood," said Beaver.

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