• Several dozen birds rescued from suspected slaughter operation


    PITTSBURGH - Several dozen neglected chickens, as well as other animals, were rescued Monday night by Animal Friends.

    Animal Friends officials said 52 chickens and roosters, seven pigeons, two ducks and a peacock were rescued from a neglectful situation.

    “It’s been all hands on deck. Medical staff, animal care staff, everyone caring for rescued birds,” said Jolene Miklas of Animal Friends. “It was a surprise to some of us to come to work and hear this, but very exciting. Glad to help and give them somewhere safe to go.”

    Investigators said the birds were taken from a suspected illegal slaughter operation in Allegheny County as part of a federal investigation by the United States Department of Agriculture.

    “The birds were in very bad shape when they came to us. All have lice, bald patches, definitely evidence of neglect,” said Miklas. “The rescued animals are heading to farm sanctuaries. Some have already left. The rest are on their way to live out their natural lives.”

    Few other details have been released because the investigation is ongoing.

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