• Animal rights activists rally against man accused of killing dog with crowbar


    PITTSBURGH -- A group of angry animal rights activists confronted a Troy Hill man Thursday as he appeared in court on animal cruelty charges.

    Darwin Jones was arrested Jan. 10 after neighbors called police when they heard sounds of a dog yelping coming from his yard.

    According to police, when detectives arrived at the Goettmann Street house, Jones admitted to killing the dog.

    “(The neighbor) said he hit it with a long pole at least 40 times and it screamed the whole time,” Animal Friends officer Kathy Hecker said.

    Authorities said the neighbor told detectives that she witnessed Jones, 59, dig a trench in the yard and bury the dog.

    Police said Jones told them that he thought his German Shepherd was poisoned and he was trying to “put the dog out of its misery.”

    “That dog was whining as he hit it with a crowbar. How is that putting the dog out of its misery? Animal rights activist Randy Kovach said Thursday.

    The activists said Jones showed no mercy when he killed his dog.

    “You beat a poor, defenseless dog,” one activist yelled.

    Jones’ attorney, Blaine Jones, agreed to waive the case to court. He said Jones has raised dogs for years and is distraught over what happened.

    “This is not Michael Vick here. Realize he’s not someone who systematically tried to kill dogs throughout his life,” Jones said.

    Humane agents said if a pet needs to be euthanized, there are several places that do it for a small fee or even free.

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    Animal rights activists rally against man accused of killing dog with crowbar

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