• Arson investigators called to Homewood for 2nd time in past week


    HOMEWOOD, Pa. - For the second time in the past week, arson investigators were called to a fire in Homewood early Friday morning.

    Officials said flames were reported at a vacant house on Wheeler Street just after midnight.

    Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the fire and no injuries were reported.

    Homewood resident Leon Latchie said he smelled smoke and saw flames shooting out of the house next door. He immediately woke up his father and they ran outside.

    “We’re safe and everything inside our house is safe,” Latchie said. “We’re good.”

    Battalion Chief Robert Cox said the firefighters were dealing with the intense heat as they fought the flames.

    “We took extra precautions because of the heat. We let the guys take off their coats a little early since we were in defensive attack mode,” Cox said. “We kept them hydrated and did what we could so they didn’t overheat.”

    Arson investigators were called to a fire Tuesday at a motorcycle club in Homewood less than a mile from Friday morning’s blaze.

    Latchie said he and his father are on edge after the two recent suspicious fires.

    “Being able to sleep safely, that’s what worries me,” Latchie said.

    The cause of Friday’s fire remains under investigation.

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