Baby formula shortage: how Pittsburgh-area mother is getting help to feed twins

PITTSBURGH — The national baby formula shortage is growing. As of Friday, 43% of the nation’s baby formula is out of stock.

A Pittsburgh-area mom told 11 News about how she’s getting help to feed her twins from friends, family and Facebook.

“Terrifying” is the word Katie Miller uses to describe not being able to find baby formula for her twin daughters Mila and Tierney, who were both born premature.

“When you go to all of the stores within a two-hour radius and you can’t find what you need and have to resort to other measures, it’s really stressful,” Miller said.

Miller said she’s had to resort to social media and total strangers across the country to help her out.

“I actually just connected with some random woman that I met on (a) Facebook group,” she said.

That connection led to only five cans of baby formula, which is less than half of a month’s worth.

There is another line of support that Miller has reached out to: the Mid-Atlantic Mother’s Milk Bank.

The bank has been swamped with phone calls from people looking for help, and serves mainly hospitals. About 30% of their product goes to outpatients with medical needs, which makes Miller’s twin girls eligible for help.

The director of the milk bank said many others are eligible as well.

“We have seen a 20% increase in demand just in the last couple of weeks,” director Denise O’Connor said. “We are always on a steep growth trajectory.”

O’Connor said the need for donor milk has never been more vital.

“I cannot overemphasize the profound impact that every drop of donor milk has on outcomes for the babies in our region,” she said.

If you are in need of formula during this shortage, click here.