• Bag of garbage containing checks stolen from curb in North Strabane


    NORTH STRABANE, Pa. - On Tuesday night, Meadowbrook Heights residents put out their garbage just as they always do, only this time, police said, someone stole a bag of trash that happened to have a box of checks in it.

    "I know people go around and they dumpster-dive and they look for treasures, but actually stealing bags of garbage, that's not a good thing," North Strabane resident Marlene Tallant said.

    North Strabane police told Channel 11's Robin Taylor that none of the stolen checks have shown up, but that doesn't mean thieves won't try to use them.

    "This is a good neighborhood, and we watch each other's backs. It's an extreme surprise today to hear somebody's actually rifling through the trash," North Strabane resident Lance Whitlock said.

    Experts said a bank or credit card statement is like a gold mine to an ID thief.

    They get the victim's name, address and account number, and with a little bit of know-how, they can open new accounts in the person's name and rack up big bills.

    "Everything that you get that has your name, banking info, anything like that, make sure that you destroy or shred it prior to throwing it out," North Strabane police Officer Mike Lukanski said.

    It's not illegal to pick through someone's trash once it is at the curb, but if the goal is to steal someone's identify, that's another story.

    Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact police.

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