• BBB issues warning about organization behind Kony 2012 video

    By: Robin Taylor


    PITTSBURGH -- Kony 2012 has become the most viral video in history, topping 100 million views in six days, but the video about Ugandan rebel leader Joseph Kony has also led to a backlash against the organization behind the 30-minute documentary.

    There's no doubt Kony is a bad man, killing tens of thousands of people, and using a child army to displace more than a million others.

    Critics are now focusing on the nonprofit organization Invisible Children, which produced the documentary. The charity is also being scrutinized for what they do with the money they raise.

    NBC is reporting that one-third goes to marketing, another third to administrative costs, with less than a third making it to actual programs.

    Now, the Better Business Bureau is speaking out, saying for six years Invisible Children has ignored requests for a charitable review.

    The BBB's Wise Giving Alliance takes a look at how charities spend the money they raise.

    "I don't understand their reluctance to provide basic information. The whole point of the effort is to shine the light of truth on a terrible atrocity, and yet they seem to be reluctant to turn that light on themselves," said H. Art Taylor, president and CEO of the Wise Giving Alliance.

    Invisible Children states on its website that participation in the review is voluntary.

    The Better Business Bureau said there may or may not be reason for concern, but they won't know that until they complete a review.

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