Bentworth student sent home from school for wearing bandana

BENTLEYVILLE, Pa. — A Bentworth High School student was asked to take his bandana off, and when he refused, the student was told to leave.

Mathew Hall was sent home from school Tuesday after the incident.

"My principal asked me to take it off.  I asked him, 'Why?' He told me because I wasn't a female and didn't wear dresses, so I couldn't wear a bandana," said Hall.

Hall said girls wear bandanas at school all the time.

"If it's OK for girls, why can't the guys?  If you're going to let a girl do it, why not a boy?" said Hall's mom, Charlotte Shaynak. 

"If it's not destructive or offensive to the classroom to getting an education, I don't see a problem with it," said Hall's dad, Bob Shaynak.

Channel 11 has learned bandanas are banned from the school district.

The high school principal told Channel 11 he couldn't comment but he scanned a copy of the student handbook for reporter Cara Sapida.

Under the dress code, the school bans all head coverings, including bandanas.

Hall's parents said they signed off on the dress code, but it has been a long time since they read it.