Bridge replacement project in South Fayette Township takes big step forward

SOUTH FAYETTE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A big step forward is being taken Thursday on a bridge replacement project in South Fayette Township, as five giant concrete beams will be set into place on the Robinson Run South Branch Bridge.

It’s a delicate process as a 119-foot, 300-ton crane places five concrete beams on the new bridge abutments.

The 82-foot beams each weigh 37 and a half tons. That’s the weight of more than 100 pickup trucks — just for one of these beams.

“We had a structurally deficient bridge here that we are replacing. We’ll be replacing five structurally deficient bridges and removing one of them as part of our bridge program,” said Allegheny County Public Works Director Stephen Shanley.

There are 305 county-owned bridges that are 8 feet or longer. Twenty-five of them are rated as being in poor condition, including this one.

“We have an aggressive bridge program with Allegheny County. Since 2012, we’ve spent $300 million and we’ve done over 100 bridges,” Shanley said.

The Robinson Run South Branch Bridge No. 3 links Scotch Hill Road between Willow Street in North Fayette Township and Marshall Road in South Fayette Township.

“This is a lower-volume road. There are 323 cars. So we take all of our bridges seriously,” Shanley said.

The price tag for this bridge replacement project is nearly $1 million. It’s well worth it for people who live here.

“I’ll be so glad when it’s open. Yeah, we go to church right on the other side of the bridge and we have to go up the hill and all the way down through Oakdale to get to church on Sundays. It adds another 10 minutes to a ride,” said Helen Cardillo, a neighbor.

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