Clairton City School District parents outraged after man enters main school building

CLAIRTON, Pa. — Clairton City School District parents are furious and demanding accountability after a man who police say admitted to taking several different drugs got into the main school building and caused a chaotic situation.

“I’m extremely disappointed. I’m frustrated. I pulled my kid out of school today,” said Devaughna Schley, a Clairton parent.

“My kid’s safety was not being met to the standards,” said Beth Borsa, another Clairton parent.

Parents say they didn’t find out about the incident until 24 hours later, when the district sent out a message.

“They’re trying to sugarcoat it to make it look not as serious,” said Schley.

The district claimed the 2019 graduate came to the school “looking for help” and told security “this is the only place that cares about me.”

However, the police report says Leonard Robinson III was driving on the sidewalks of the Clairton City Education Center and nearly ran over four students.

Police say Robinson then illegally went into the school through a non-secure elementary school door, bypassing security and metal detectors — all while kids were in class.

He was inside the building for nine minutes.

“Nine whole minutes? Kids could’ve been given drugs, could’ve been shot and harmed any type of way,” said Schley.

Police eventually took him into custody and found multiple drugs on him.

Channel 11 went to the school to ask how this happened.

A security guard came out and told our crew someone would come talk to them.

Another guard came back minutes later and told them to get off the property.

“They definitely dropped the ball with trust and the community as a whole,” said Schley.

When police searched Robinson’s car, they discovered a glass crack pipe and a pellet rifle in his trunk.

The district says they are conducting an internal investigation to address safety concerns.

Robinson will go before a judge for his preliminary hearing at 1 p.m. on May 17.

He remains locked up in the Allegheny County Jail, unable to post bond.