Groups encourage community to display blue ribbons during Pittsburgh synagogue shooting trial

PITTSBURGH — Community organizations including the 10.27 Healing Partnership are encouraging members of the public to wear or display a blue ribbon during the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting trial.

The ribbons are meant to show solidarity with families and survivors during the trial, and a commitment to stand up against hate and violence and are part of the group’s “Stronger Than Hate” message.

Remembering the 11 people killed in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

The Healing Partnership kicked off the campaign Thursday at the Squirrel Hill Flower Shop, a small business that is participating in the campaign. More information is available at 1027healingpartnership.org/blue-ribbons.

The 10.27 Healing Partnership and several other community organizations, including the Jewish Community Center, are distributing ribbons. Community members are encouraged to create their own, as well.

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