• Controversy surrounds video allegedly showing officer using stun gun on handcuffed inmate


    MILLVALE, Pa. - A Millvale police officer is receiving criticism after allegedly using a stun gun on a handcuffed inmate in September.

    After an anonymous person sent a video of Thomas Smith being shot with a stun gun, his mother is taking action.

    Smith's mother, Ann Shannon, described what she said happened in the video, "They picked him up by his handcuffs and pulled him across the floor, for what reason? Then they started Tasing him for no reason."

    According to the station's police officers, Smith, who was arrested for fighting, was shot with a stun gun after banging his head on the cell wall, spitting on, and attacking police officers. The police report said Smith kicked an officer in the chest and arm area.

    The report said officers said they used the stun gun on Smith in order to obtain control over the situation.

    Shannon said her son has mental health issues, and believes that the situation could have been handled differently.

    "He has had them all his life and he has been in and out of different treatments over the years," Shannon said. "It's wrong what they did to my son and it's totally uncalled for."

    Shannon contacted attorney David J. Shrager about the video.

    "From the portion of the video that I saw, I really think it could have been handled in a more professional and humane way," Shrager, said.

    The Millvale police chief and mayor have not commented on the incident.

    When asked how she thought the situation should be handled, Shannon said, "Fired, lose their jobs, whatever needs to be done."

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