• Couple wounded in shooting at Monroeville Mall files lawsuit


    PITTSBURGH - The couple who were shot inside the Macy’s at the Monroeville Mall in February have filed a lawsuit against the mall owner and the department store.

    In the 25-page lawsuit, Thomas Singleton and Mary Singleton claim adequate security was not provided when the shooting happened.


    Thomas Singleton and Mary Singleton were wounded in the shooting. Their 12-year-old son was with them, but was not hurt.

    Filed against CBL, which owns the mall, and Macy’s, the lawsuit also claims that District Attorney Stephen Zappalla warned the mall about increased drug and gang activity. However the suit alleges that the mall ignored or rejected proposals to increase “inadequate security programs.”

    “It's an extremely viable lawsuit and the biggest reason is this owner of this mall, warned by the District Attorney Stephen A. Zappalla for the securitization, and the lack of, at that mall,” said Channel 11’s legal analyst Phil DiLucente.

    Surveillance cameras and license plate recognition software to monitor vehicles that were recommended by a security expert were never installed, according to the lawsuit. It is also alleged that the mall did not have enough security guards.

    The Singletons continue to recover and have been unable to return to work. They are seeking more than $35,000.

    A mall spokesperson released a statement that said, “Our policy is to not comment on ongoing or potential litigation.”


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