• Dad can't forgive drunk driver responsible for daughter's death


    WEST SUNBURY, Pa. - More than two years after losing his daughter in a drunk driving accident, the father of the 15-year-old girl still finds it impossible to move on without her.

    "We have no life. We don't celebrate Christmas no more, nothing,” said Dave McKinney. “She was my little girl.”

    Dave McKinney lost his daughter, Alexis McKinney, in July 2012 and still harbors resentment toward the person responsible for her death. However, by law, the driver was a juvenile at the time of the accident, and his sentence is probation.

    Dave McKinney said it doesn’t get any easier looking through pictures of his daughter. 

    On Wednesday, he and many other family members went to court to look the young man in the eye who they believe killed Alexis McKinney. 

    “I want him to go away,” said Dave McKinney. 

    Bryant Butler admitted to driving drunk at the time of the accident, but he was only 17 when he lost control of his car, which flipped and then caught on fire along Dingel Road in Butler County. 

    Alexis McKinney was a passenger in the vehicle and died. Butler was severely injured and continues to suffer from severe neurological impairments. 

    Butler told the courtroom that it was never his intention to harm anyone that night, adding, “I will forever regret what I did.” 

    Butler’s words were not good enough though for the girl’s grieving father who now spends every day and birthdays plus holidays at his daughter's gravesite. 

    “My life is over. I died the day my daughter died,” said Dave McKinney. 

    Butler is now 19 and will be on probation until he’s 21. 

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