Driver flees after hitting several vehicles, damaging building in Lincoln-Lemington

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh police are investigating after three vehicles and an apartment were damaged by an out-of-control vehicle in the city’s Lincoln-Lemington neighborhood around 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

A man says he was just sitting on his porch when he saw two cars speeding around the bend in his street, heading straight for him.

“I thought it was going to slide up on the porch or roll up on the porch, so I jumped the wall,” said Robert Gilbert.

Robert Gilbert was sitting on his porch with his cousin around 2 a.m. when he says he heard screeching tires coming around the bend on Apple Street.

“It was just like the Matrix,” said Gilbert.  “It just came at us like slow motion.”

A nearby doorbell camera at the Green Ridge Apartments captured what he saw.  A white GMC slammed into two parked cars.

“He lost control and smacked those other cars,” said Gilbert.  “Knocked the other one into the wall.  Knocked the gas meter off and hit the wall.”

He says he heard the hissing sound of the gas.

“So I hit the wall,” said Gilbert.  “Come on man. It’s going to blow.”

No one was hurt. Just as a precaution, people who live in the Green Ridge Apartments were evacuated. They say speeding is a real problem on their street, and they want to see speed humps installed.

“Cars speed up and down the street all the time,” said April Srogoncik.  “They fly up and down that road.”

“We knew something like that was bound to happen because there’s a lot of people flying around that bend,” said Gilbert.

Pittsburgh police say after the crash the driver of the GMC got out and ran.

“We all hit the windows of the shattered truck to make sure there wasn’t anybody in there,” said Gilbert.  “I’m just thankful nobody got hurt.”

No arrests have been made.

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