• The Education Partnership text campaign: Help kids with school supplies!


    PITTSBURGH - With basic school supplies, a kid's future gets a lot brighter.

    Without basic school supplies, a kid's confidence ends up broken.

    Without basic school supplies, a kid's future ends up getting erased.

    On August 24, WPXI-TV will be participating in a text campaign with The Education Partnership.

    The Education Partnership distributes school supplies to schools throughout the school year, not just during back-to-school season. They're always looking for donations and volunteers.

    Here are three ways you can donate on Monday:

    • To make a $10 donation, Text  PENCIL to 80888 and confirm your donation via text message.  This is a no fuss way to donate without having to enter your credit card information.  The $10 is added to your phone bill.
    • Call 412-922-6500 to make a donation (Just $25 can provide a child with school supplies for a full year)
    • Drop off a donation of school supplies to The Education Partnership located in the West End, at 281 Corliss Street, Pgh, PA 15220.  



    The Education Partnership provides free school and classroom supplies to local students who are very much in need. This Pittsburgh based nonprofit, bridges the gap between what students have and what they need to succeed in the classroom. 

    The Education Partnership does not receive government funding and relies solely on the support of foundations, companies and individuals to sustain and grow their program.

    The Education Partnership serves Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, Butler, Washington and Westmoreland counties.

    Date incorporated as The Education Partnership - 2009

    Purchased facility in West End -2009

    Initial facility renovation service-in-kind donations - more than $1 million

    Grants recently receive for Phase II Renovations - $500,000

    Total Financial Contributions since 2009- $3,083,773


    In their service area, 38,000 students qualify for support (these students attend schools where at least 70% of the student population qualifies for free/reduced lunch through the National School Lunch Program.)  The Education Partnership hopes to be able to serve all of these students over the next few years.

    The Education Partnership needs your help because in the coming school year, they will be serving more than 21,000 local high-need students who do not have the necessary school supplies to be successful in the classroom.

    As school funding continues to be cut, teachers are being called upon to provide the school supplies for their classroom out of their own pockets. A study found that teachers pay for 77% of the supplies needed in their classrooms.

    In 2013, the total out of pocket expenditures that teachers made on school supplies was $1.6 billion. On average teachers spent $485.

    About 10% of teachers spend over $1,000.

    Average starting salary for teachers in PA: $41,192 


    The Education Partnership is the solution. We bridge the gap between what students have and what they need to be successful in the classroom. This is an easy fix and as a community we can come together to resolve this problem.

    This past year, The Education Partnership served more than 16,000 students. This coming school year, they will serve 21,000 students which will require a major increase in funding. They need your help.

    There are young people right here in our own community,  that have so much potential and BIG dreams…they need our help to make these dreams a reality and succeed in school.


    What do your dollars do?

    $10 will buy 2,342 pencils

    $25 provides school supplies for one child for an entire year.

    $50 will buy 2,088 crayons

    $100 will provide 1,500 students with colored markers

    When donating to this worthy organization, 94 cents of every dollar goes DIRECTLY to program support. 

    By providing these students with the needed school supplies for a brighter future, we can begin to change their lives. If they have the appropriate supplies they can do well in school, and go on to get good jobs, and make valuable contributions in our community. We are talking about small things like pencils and crayons that can make a BIG impact in someone's life.

    Results and research show that when adequately equipped, school children:

    • have a more positive feeling of self-worth
    • miss fewer days of school
    • are more attentive in class
    • have improved classroom behavior
    • achieve higher test scores in all academic subjects

    The Education Partnership is able to make a dollar go along way. We have tremendous buying power because of our volume and have stretched a dollar up to 8 times!

    Total students that have benefited from the program:  46,967

    Total value of supplies given to students:  $4.6 million

    Total schools that have benefited from program:  109

    Total teachers served:  3,511

    CLICK HERE to visit The Education Partnership's official website.

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